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What's Happening in 97230 in November

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

The 97230 zip code includes the East Portland neighborhoods of Argay Terrace, Hazlewood, Russel, Wilkes and Glenfair. These neighborhoods feature lots of mid-century homes, some truly amazing parks, an array of tasty food options, a huge year-round farmers market/grocery store, a few of my favorite Portland breweries, a floating home community, and much more.

When you look at the numbers for this zip code, there is even more to love. The median list price in 97230 is $449,950 - over $100K less than Portland's overall median list price of $559,000. And when you look at median days on market of 28 compared to 97213 (Rose City Park, Hollywood, etc) - that's TWICE the length of 97213 at 14 days. And we're just talking about a few miles further out - but a lot more time to find a really great house.

Many of the homes in this zip code - particularly those in Argay Terrace - were built in the 50s-70s, an era of very solid construction and beautiful mid-century design aesthetics. So what I'm saying here is - come on out and see what Argay Terrace and East Portland have to offer before it gets as pricey as Hollywood! Inventory is really tight everywhere in Portland right now after some easing up mid-summer through early fall - but that's typical of the holidays when a lot of folks don't want to deal with listing and would rather wait until the new year. It should start to ease up a bit as more listings come on the market in the new year.

Check out my images below from a recent walk through Argay Terrace.

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