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Interest Rates Suck! How can I still afford to buy??

We know homes are sitting longer. But for buyers who are watching interest rates climb, does that matter? It does. There are lots of interesting tools that lenders - and realtors - have at their disposal to potentially make home buying possible despite rising rates, even for first-time home buyers. Julee Felsman with Guaranteed Rate Mortgage talks about some of them in the video above, from house-hacking to negotiating seller-paid closing credits - check it out!

Opportunity: Homes on the Market for 30-60 days

Homes are sitting for longer these days. In mid-June, the average days on market for homes in the Portland metro area was 42, and as of this week it's 67. Whereas a few months ago, anything that lasted a week or longer might have looked suspect (why is it still on the market - what's wrong with it?) that's no longer the case. There are potential deals to be had. Check out this selection of current homes that have been on the market for 30-60 days.

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